THE Rokker Races 2024

After madness is before madness!

The motto for 2024 is clear:


"Woodstock - The mother of all fango packs"

Photo: Elliot Landy

We weren't there, but we all know what Woodstock and Newchurch have in common:

The rain & and the penchant for a well-improvised sense of happiness ...

(except for the banned substances, maybe, but just maybe...)


Oh yes, something else we have in common:

TEN YEARS AFTER have performed in Woodstock and Newchurch.



He was wearing a light, fringed jacket made of white leather and wide blue flared pants, a red silk scarf around his forehead, silver stickers in his ears. The best rock guitarist in the world looked focused, serious, and withdrawn, banging his white Fender Stratocaster towards the end of the set. Jimi Hendrix let his guitar howl, roar and thunder. With plenty of feedback, he dissected the United States national anthem and transported the audience to the battlefields of Vietnam, where half a million US soldiers were fighting a senseless war. Woodstock stands for peace and freedom, against capitalism and war.


A myth that persists to this day. "The great thing was, it was about peace, love and harmony, a little bit about the high, and everything was peaceful."

Who could have said that about the club, but the quote is from Jimi Hendrix' bassist.


Photo by Allan Lee Koss / Experience Hendrix


Richie Havens opened the program because other musicians were still stuck in traffic. The black folk musician ran out of songs after two hours, so he improvised his rousing "Freedom - Sometimes I Feel like a Motherless Child". Joan Baez, Santana, Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker. With a little help from my friends. The music, it soon became apparent, was only part of the Woodstock experience. Another was consciousness expansion - most visitors smoked marijuana, took LSD or mescaline. (That's not meant to be a request!!) In a nearby lake people bathed naked (that's a request!!), scandalous in prudish America. On Saturday afternoon the stage manager announced: "It's a free festival from now on." The fences had long since been trampled down. Big business turned into bankruptcy, and a commercial festival turned into a gigantic free concert.




Food ran out on Saturday. Residents of the surrounding towns began to prepare sandwiches.

The women's group at the Monticello Jewish Community Center fabricated 30,000 sandwiches, which were flown in by helicopter. The organizers asked site owner Max Yasgur for a short speech. "I'm a farmer," he said, overwhelmed. "You proved to the world that half a million kids - I call you kids because I have kids older than you - together can enjoy three days of fun and music, and only fun and music.


God bless you for that! "


Photo: KK


Meanwhile, Governor Nelson Rockefeller considered declaring the area a disaster area and having it evacuated by the National Guard. When they saw three military helicopters, many visitors thought it was time. But the US Air Force brought 45 doctors and paramedics. While there had been clashes with the police at other festivals, peace was kept in Woodstock. Doctors treated more than 8,000 visitors, including no one who was a victim of violence.

Nonviolence was the basis of the Woodstock myth.


Credit: ©Elliott Landy

When Janis Joplin came on stage, she was already terribly drunk - like most musicians, she had had to wait hours for her performance. The Grateful Dead played one of their worst concerts ever. But other bands outdid themselves. So Sly and the Family Stone got most of them out of their sleeping bags at four in the morning with Soulfunk. Of the 32 acts, only three were led by women: Joan Baez, Janis Joplin and Melanie. The previously unknown English folk singer received a fee of $750, while Jimi Hendrix received $18,000.



The organizers wanted to see one musician on stage right from the start: Bob Dylan, who lived in seclusion in Woodstock after a serious motorcycle accident in 1966. He refused.



The list of bands that have performed at Woodstock seems endless. However, in the first year of the club, when it was still called TRIDAYS, TEN YEARS AFTER performed, who were also at Woodstock.




If you want to take part in the 24 minutes of le Brée as a team, you should apply for a starting place as soon as possible. There are only 10 spots available. The application period ends on August 31, 2023.

The starters will then be announced.



The targets for 2024? 125cc, air-cooled four-stroke CHOPPER, female drivers quota of at least 50 percent, humor and a certain penchant for healthy self-expression are not a mistake either.

Who still doesn't know:

The race lasts 24 minutes, after 12 minutes there is a driver change. Driven on Friday and Saturday. The race result, the box, the bike and the performance are evaluated. (Applicants will receive exact details)


Applications to:

Your Club RR organization team


That was the ROKKER RACE 2023

Many THANKS to all the crazy people who join in the fun every year!

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