Welcome to Newchurch  20.–23. Juni 2019

Club-Week  16.-23. Juni 2019

FISCHER-Z und Marc Amacher kommen!

BOOOOOM! Our music program will be sooo nice!
Fischer-Z, the legends of the 80s and 90s will perform live at the Club of Newchurch! Yes. THE Fischer-Z. The real ones. The big ones. Last year they cleared the Wacken Open Air, now they're coming!
And that wasn't all. Who ever saw "The Voice of Germany" will remember the best finalist of all times: Marc Amacher! The blues rocker and motorcycle fan from Switzerland is pretty much the coolest sow you can imagine. And that's why he has to play for you! Hammer, right? Book your packages! It will be legendary!

What is the "Club of Newchurch"- Motorcycle Festival anyway?

Austria. Neukirchen at the Großvenediger. A place completely closed for cars in the middle of thousands of alpine roads. By drivers for drivers (and their families). Motorcycles only. Also in the 14th edition of one of the biggest and most relaxed motorcycle festivals in Europe. Over 13,000 visitors in 2018.

Sunday to Wednesday: the CLUB WEEK with guided tours on spectacular Alpine routes, in the evening small fine parties with unplugged music.

Thursday (holiday!) to Sunday the main weekend (20-23 June 2019):
Full throttle CLUB WEEKEND with great bands on five stages for the first time, "Dealers Boulevard" with the leading brands of the motorcycle scene, testrides with over 50 bikes from (2018) BMW, Suzuki, Indian, Yamaha, Husqvarna, Royal Enfield and Brixton, the legendary ROKKER RACES with crazy mixed teams on wild 125s, many clubs like for example the Hinckley Triumph Owners Club Germany and the SUZUKI CLUB EUROPE in 2018, Customizer-Area with a. o.a. Vagabond Moto, TITAN - Motorcycle Company, WalzWerk-Motorcycles, Bikebrothers and and and fun and street comedy and food and maybe also an alcoholic drink ;-)

And as already said: everything in a deeply relaxed atmosphere in a magical place.
Whoever comes once will come again!


Book now or sleep in the garage ;-)

Now there are the best rooms! Those who already know that they want to be part of the Club of Newchurch again in 2019 can now book their desired package. Geli and Anja are looking forward to your enquiries - no matter if it is a cheap single room, a feudal double room or apartments and whole houses for larger groups.

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