Welcome to Newchurch  20.–27. June 2021

Dear Club Friends!

After having spent so much time stuck at home, our eagerness is even greater to get out of the house, sit down on a motorbike, take a deep breath of freedom and meet up with friends again who were seemingly lost without a trace, celebrating a little and feeling the lightness of life.

BUT the reality of the virus sees things a little differently than we do. Hopefully, the situation will have settled down a bit by the end of June, though the rest of the year won’t quite be like it used to be, at least not yet.

That’s why we’ve decided to take a quieter, more laid-back approach to the Club from the very outset, rather than creating unclear and uncertain circumstances.

That said: Whoever shows, shows. We will be here regardless.
From 20 to 27 June 2021.

This year there won't be a big event with a closed town center, no stages, exhibitors, comedians and
everything else you know about the CoN. Unfortunately!
The current situation just doesn't exist and is too uncertain for proper planning.

But we're not giving up and the actual club week will start
on Monday, June 21, 2021 up to and including Saturday, June 26, 2021

standing tours with our own guides.
Our tour guide chefs Helmut & Philipp have come up with a few more ideas,
listen to the site and it is best to register you right away!


If you have questions or you need help with your reservation,
just call Geli as always or write her per mail booking@newchurch.at.

We are going to postpone our 15th-anniversary celebrations until 2022.
But then, we are going to do it in style!!!
The dates are already set: 12 – 19 June 2022
(once again including the Corpus Christi holiday on Thursday).

We are looking forward to welcome all known and new faces,
Which are going to visit us this year in Newchurch.

Your Club-Team


Club-Week: 12. – 19. 06. 2022

Club-Weekend: 16. – 19. 06. 2022 (Thursday public holiday)

We love, what we do. This passion we live every year ...