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17. – 20. giugno ingresso gratuito
21. – 23. giugno ingresso gratuito fino alle ore 17
Giovedi a partire dalle ore 17  (da Giovedi a Domenica) € 18,–
Venerdì a partire dalle ore 17  (da Venerdì alla Domenica) € 18,–
Venerdì a partire dalle ore 17  (da Venerdì alla Domenica) € 15,–
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All days long  21. – 24. 06. 2018

  • Photo Ramp (Downtown)
  • Guided Testrides with BMW, Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Suzuki, Husqvarna, Brixton (125cc), Indian (Uptown)
  • Metzeler Fußball WM-Studio (Uptown)
  • Comedy
  • Guided Tours (Downtown)
  • Official CoN Merchandise (Midtown)
  • Dealers Boulevard
  • Customizer-Area (Midtown)
  • Customizer-Area (Midtown)
  • ROKKER RACES Friday and Saturday (Race Area)
  • more more more to come

PROGRAMMA 2018 (primi estratti)

GIOVEDI  – 21. 06. 2018

12:00–18:00   Guided Testrides with BMW, Indian, Suzuki, Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Husqvarna, Brixton (125cc),  (Uptown)
17:00 Opening Dealers Boulevard
20:00 OFFICIAL OPENING – 2nd Club of Newchurch  (Midtown)
20:30 Bands, Bands, Bands

VENERDÌ  – 22. 06. 2018

10:00 Opening Dealer’s Boulevard
10:00–18:00   Guided Testrides with BMW, Indian, Suzuki, Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Husqvarna, Brixton (125cc),  (Uptown)
15:00 THE ROKKER RACE 1. Run (Race-Area)
19:30 Presentation „CoN-Bike 2018 „Newchurch Two“
by Be Unique 2.22, Classicbike Raisch & 8Tech Racing
20:00 Bands, Bands, Bands

SABATO – 23. 06. 2018

10:00 Opening Dealer’s Boulevard
10:00–18:00   Guided Testrides with BMW, Indian, Suzuki, Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Husqvarna, Brixton (125cc),  (Uptown)
14:00 THE ROKKER RACE 2. Run  (Race-Area)
17:00 PRICE GIVING: (Photo Ramp Downtown) TOP-5-Bikes CoN „Professionals“, TOP-5-Bikes CoN „Private“
19:00 Verlosung: #TITANPRIVILEGE Custombike
by TITAN Motorcycles  (Midtwon)
20:00 Bands, Bands, Bands

DOMENICA – 24. 06. 2018

10:00–12:00   Guided Testrides with BMW, Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Ducati and Triumph  (Uptown)
11:00 Club Farewell-Stunt-Show with Kevin Carmichael
12:00 Club of Newchurch closes – see you in 2018!

BANDS 2018 (provisional)

  • Main stage in the middle of town (three concerts per evening from Thursday)
  • Chill-Area (small stage uptown, two concerts per evening from Thursday)
  • Club stage (during the day in the customizer area)

    and unplugged concerts during the club week from Sunday to Wednesday

Hillbilly Moon Explosion

Millions of Youtube clicks: Hillbilly Moon Explosion is a Swiss rockabilly band founded in 1998. The group is well known for its versatile style mix of Rock' n' Roll, Jump Blues, Swing, Sixties Beat, Country, Roots Rock, Surf and some chanson elements. Rated by some media as the best rockabilly formation in Switzerland, Hillbilly Moon Explosion are still considered an insider's tip. The reviews to date have received above-average recognition, in some cases even enthusiastic criticism. Again and again, the traditional Rockabilly style mix is emphasized in a positive way. The group was founded by the Englishman and Swiss-born Oliver Baroni (vocals, bass, guitar) and the equally Italian-Swiss and enchanting singer Emanuela Hutter, who will also perform solo on the small stages for us.
People: music doesn't go much better. I promise! Click your way through youtube, you guys are freaking out!

Ray Collins' Hot Club

They call themselves a "High Performance Orchestra" and that's all they say!
Come barefoot or bring your dancing shoes. It's happening!

With a full band!

Jimmy Cornett & the Deadmen

Don’t jump to the wrong conclusions: Jimmy Cornett & The Deadmen definitely don’t play rockabilly music! Frank Jäger’s highly visible double bass, which he likes to take a bath in the crowd with, playing it on his back, may imply as much, but this band from Hamburg doesn’t go in for clichés. Their career is as colourful as their songs, their lyrics as diverse as life itself. So perhaps we should first of all address the question of what kind of music they actually play. The answer is: blues and southern rock, featuring sounds that originate from different places all over the world.


Spontaneous. Surprising. Strange. Energetic. Drunk. These are just some of the words used to describe the Milwaukee Dark Roots band "Steering Ships With Empty Bottles" in short S. S. WEB. With an eclectic mix of traditional roots sounds, fast-paced punk riffs and rock riffs and emotional lyrics, it's no wonder they stand out in a vast musical landscape. With songs that move the feet and the soul.

With four albums, several split EPs and tracks on a whole series of samplers around the globe, they are now heading for Neukirchen.

The tides can change, but the ship will always sail.

Björnson Bear

The high-flyer from 2017: back again and even with a real special for all club members: every CoN-member (who registered in time) can participate on Thursday, June 21st at the video shoot for the new song of Björnson Bear! Hurry up, become a member and become famous! Unfortunately we cannot guarantee rich and beautiful! Book your member package under

The Geezers

Musically socialized in the bittersweet Britpop madness of the 90s, Alex Wunderbar (voc/guit) and Paul Schiff (voc/guit) are consequently called The Geezers - the eastern Austrian equivalent of "Haberer". Despite their love for Oasis, Blur, Pulp & Co., their numbers have little in common with the northern English "lad culture" today. Instead of oversteered guitar walls and fun-powder-pregnant frontman hybris, one listens to finely chased Acoustic Folk Rock, listening to the two of them say that as children they preferred to play in front of their parents' record shelves rather than playing the robber or gendarme outside with the others. The Beatles, the Stones, ELO, CCR, later Tom Petty or Paul Weller were listened to very closely and - after finding a youthful good - they decided to use this good old fabric as an inspiration in the future.


The four marsh brothers and blacks from Mudd Mountain ask for the Scheunentanz !! The Mudd family, with Horst Mudd on bass and vocal, Bob Mudd on the 36-string guitar, Grampah Mudd on banjo, mandolin and Maiskolbenpfeife and cousin Mudd on the percussion and the copperblue loves "Dope, Booze, V8, Chicks, Whiskey, Whiskey and Bourbon, Metal and fuckin Cuntry" !! They play bass, all kinds of guitar and mandolin, banjo and violin - the result is then "Schwarzbrenner-Core" or "Deep South Cuntry Muzak". Descended from the Mudd Mountain, where the family has lived for generations and diligently start the day with mash, marry their own cousin, and play Dirtgrass, the band is certainly not for people suffering from "Daredeep intolerance"! Clogging, Footstomping, Yodeling and "Muddy Mountain Dew" - brewing at it`s best !!!

Rocco Recycle

The silver one-man band with self-made instruments made of scrap metal. He sings, plays guitar and drums. Everything at the same time. The instruments are self-constructed. Preferred materials: canisters, exhausts, garbage cans and water pipes. Besides scrap, he recycles music: blues, rock, metal, pop. Sometimes even a little classic - everything is re-used, nothing remains as it was. At Rocco everything glitters silver - even his face.