Tridays now the Club of Newchurch

Every year in June, around 15,000 bike fans gather in Neukirchen for the biggest, most laid-back motorbike festival in the Austrian Alps.


Seven days of unadulterated motorcycling, led by tour guides through one-of-a-kind countryside, along with four full days of civilised, family-style partying in “Newchurch” – which will also be closed off to cars during the event.
Though we and Triumph have now gone our separate ways, things won’t merely stay the same, they are going to get even better: “In the past eleven years, we have made so many friends, it really is something truly special! That’s why we have now added more great people to our team, so that we can listen better to what people want, and also to what they don’t want. By founding the Club of Newchurch, we weren’t only looking to create a new name, we also wanted to breathe fresh life into the whole club concept”, says mastermind Uli Brée. “And you have probably already seen precisely what we mean: On our very active Facebook page, we let you have an influence on how we should celebrate, what bands we should invite, which exhibitors you want to see, and lots more.”

We also look forward to our Triumph regulars now feeling free to bring along their Ducati, BMW and Yamaha buddies, who “get” the true spirit of this event as well  ;-)

Welcome to the Club!

Here is the link to our Facebook page:
If you are planning on joining us, please take a few seconds to confirm by clicking on “Going” at:

Who’s traveling here with whom?

Who’s coming from what region?
Who’s riding when?
Who’s looking for fellow riders?


Coordinate your plans, join forces, form groups that match your tempo, look for riders who share your interests.  Or perhaps offer others who have farther to travel a “pit stop” along the way. And don’t forget: Post a few photos, so that your fellow travellers will know who or what they are going to be cruising down to Newchurch with!
We officially declare our Ride Coordination Centre open for business!

We have created a separate area on Facebook especially for the purpose, at Click on over and take a look!