the motorbike festival with a slight difference

After eleven years as Tridays, the very first
“Club of Newchurch” in Neukirchen am Grossvenediger, Austria, surpassed all expectations, both of the organisers as well as some 14,000 motorcycle fans from across Europe. Visitors of many years felt it was better than ever, while newcomers were simply amazed by how relaxed and family-style a major motorbike festival can actually be.


With a geared-up team and lots of new impulses, the movers and shakers at the side of TV author and motorbike junkie Uli Brée as well as Neukirchen Tourist Office stepped up to make the open-brand Club of Newchurch something truly special on the motorcycle festival calendar from its very first edition. With 12 bands on three stages and more exhibitors than ever before, the concept was an immediate hit. Even though the popularity of Triumph bikes in Salzburger Land continues unabated, a refreshing breeze blew in courtesy of numerous other motorbike makes, whose riders really “got” the unique spirit of this event. And in the Test-Ride Park, bikes by BMW, Yamaha, Royal Enfield and Ducati provided clear evidence of what a wonderfully colourful mix the Club of Newchurch has become.

But it wasn’t only visitors who felt right at home during Club Week (Sunday to Wednesday, including guided motorbike tours through the Alps) and the Club Weekend (Thursday to Sunday): Customizers who were here for the first time were pleasantly amazed by how quickly they were accepted into the “family”. Comments ranged from “I have never experienced such a laid-back mingling of so many people” to “I’ve attended practically every motorcycle meet in the world, but this one here, well, it’s simply unique. I’m totally addicted!”

And that is the Club of Newchurch concept precisely: a totally relaxed festival, in a town that’s crazy about motorcycles, for riders (and their families) who are all united by one thing: the joy of motorcycling, pure and simple.

Aside from the big entertainment programme, the traditional ROKKER Race, featuring customized 125cc machines, was one of the highlights of the weekend. Whether ambitious bikers with tubular frames and race engines doggedly battling it out, or uniquely weird showmen, like the team of Be Unique 2.22 from Switzerland, with their choppers and fur suits: When it came down to it, on this weekend no one could stop the 70s crew representing Nolan Germany! Finally, overall victory after lots of second-place finishes in previous years.

Musically, Jimmy Cornett (who also lined up in the race!) stole the show. For him, every year the Club of Newchurch is like a homecoming event.

With the Club of Newchurch’s successful debut in the books, next year’s dates are already set:

17 to 24 June 2018

The "Newchurch One" by LSL

The origin of the "Newchurch One". After many show bikes in the past years now a pure driving machine for the Club of Newchurch (11 -18 June 2017). Made by LSL. Jochen Schmitz-Linkweiler describes us personally his idea.

the guided Clubrides 2017 …

What a great fun it is!

Pics by Amelie Mesecke,

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