New manufacturers, new test bikes!

Even though the registration phase is far from over, we can welcome two new manufacturers: Husqvarna and Suzuki will celebrate with us for the first time in June! Welcome to the Club! BMW and Yamaha will also be back, as well as Royal Enfield and Brixton. So you can expect a well-filled testride park (and more manufacturers will follow)! You know: register once in the Testride-Area and you can try out as many bikes as you like on our guided test rides!

For the first time also test drives with 125cc!

Whether as a first motorcycle for the younger generation or as a second motorcycle for the older generation: current 125cc models are enjoying increasing popularity. That's why we offer this year for the first time guided test rides with these fine small bullets! Yamaha, Suzuki and Brixton will provide us with their current models from Thursday evening to Sunday morning for your free test drives. And don't worry: you don't have to go after a 1200 BMW: we will only offer single Extra-Testrides with 125cc!


New for daytime visitors wanting to get a taste of what we’re all about:
On Friday and Saturday, admission is free until 5 PM (after that, we’ll be checking tickets, of course). From Sunday until Thursday, as is always the case in years that do not include a public holiday, admission is free all day long. This means, from Sunday to Wednesday everyone can enjoy our laid-back Club Nights of unplugged music, while on Thursday, we will even throw in the full concert program on the main stage, including the official opening ceremonies, at no extra charge. So, if you happen to be in the area, simply stop by. And come back again at the weekend, no doubt. ;-)


a different kind of motorcycle festival

After 11 years of Tridays and last year’s laid-back premiere that was open to all makes and brands, with 14,000 people attending, the “Club of Newchurch” now looks forward to its 13th edition from 17 to 24 June 2018. So, what exactly is it that makes the “CLUB OF NEWCHURCH” in Neukirchen am Grossvenediger, Austria, so very different?


A town you normally think of as a ski resort, blocked off to cars – motorcycles only! No artificially fenced-off fair grounds, but instead integrated into the community itself, with its perfect infrastructure and hotels in all price categories. For 14,000 easy-going motorcycle fans from across Europe, some of whom have been travelling in for this event for the last 13 years. Because it’s special. Including tours led by experienced guides through the Austrian Alps and Italy from Sunday to Thursday. Excellently organized tours during the daytime, excellently hosted festivities in the evening.

Beginning Thursday 21 June, the whole town will be transformed into one big festival! Ten bands on three stages will rock the place, while renowned customizers such as Vagabund Moto, Walzwerk, Titan Motorcycles, and many more, will show us countless possibilities!

And over 50 test bikes provided by BMW, Yamaha, Suzuki, Royal Enfield, Indian, Husqvarna und Brixton can be put through their paces out on guided rides (including 125cc machines!). 50 hand-selected dealers will be attending, such as LSL, SW-Motech, Öhlins, Nolan, Restless, Fabbrica Svizerra and many more.

The Club of Newchurch is also developing into a port of call for other clubs: The Hinckley Triumph Owners Club will be participating with their Tiger and Speed-Triple exhibition, as will Suzuki Club Europe and also those representing older motorcycle treasures, in a separate area for classic rides and heritage products, including the Salzburg Heritage Club.

The absolute highlight: the legendary ROKKER Races on wild 125cc bikes, with last year’s overall victory going to Nolangroup Germany!

Along with an excellent, and fair, custom bike contest, divided into amateur and professional divisions, with everyone given a chance to participate. In fact, all bikes that are standing in town between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturday are potential candidates! Go to our Facebook page and post a picture of the bike you’ll be bringing to the event!

As you can see, absolutely nothing stands in the way of a thoroughly relaxed festival for motorcycle fans and their families. JOIN THE CLUB!


For room reservations, simply drop us a line at

Point of contact for organisational and press information:
Tom Senn
+49 172 416 11 11

High-resolution photographs and logos:

Provisional programme online now!

Though the final version isn’t yet set in stone, our provisional programme is still definitely worth taking a look at! Click on PROGRAMME in the menu bar, and you’ll get a good idea of what to expect in 2018! And there’s a lot more to come. So, join the Club!

Indian Motorcycle is coming!

Admit it: You’ve wanted to ride an Indian Scout Bobber for a long time. That’s the way it was for us, too. And now, we can: Indian Motorcycle will bring along its entire line of models for test rides, along with some of their truly cool custom jobs. And let me also take this opportunity to say: All of the folks there we have been able to chat with are such nice, cool guys and gals – you’re sure to like them, too! Welcome to the Club, Indians!

Video shoot for members!

Our friends from Björnson Bear have written a new song for the Club! And on Thursday, June 21, they are going to be shooting the perfect music video to go with it, right here with us! As for the stars of the show, well: They’ll be our very own CoN members, of course! In the next few days, will be sending out invitations and, hopefully, we will make you famous, too! Not a member yet? Then don’t hesitate one second longer: Purchase your membership package online at!

The "Newchurch One" by LSL

The origin of the "Newchurch One". After many show bikes in the past years now a pure driving machine for the Club of Newchurch (11 -18 June 2017). Made by LSL. Jochen Schmitz-Linkweiler describes us personally his idea.

Who’s traveling here with whom?

Who’s coming from what region?
Who’s riding when?
Who’s looking for fellow riders?


Coordinate your plans, join forces, form groups that match your tempo, look for riders who share your interests.  Or perhaps offer others who have farther to travel a “pit stop” along the way. And don’t forget: Post a few photos, so that your fellow travellers will know who or what they are going to be cruising down to Newchurch with!
We officially declare our Ride Coordination Centre open for business!

We have created a separate area on Facebook especially for the purpose, at Click on over and take a look!