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The four marsh brothers and blacks from Mudd Mountain ask for the Scheunentanz !! The Mudd family, with Horst Mudd on bass and vocal, Bob Mudd on the 36-string guitar, Grampah Mudd on banjo, mandolin and Maiskolbenpfeife and cousin Mudd on the percussion and the copperblue loves "Dope, Booze, V8, Chicks, Whiskey, Whiskey and Bourbon, Metal and fuckin Cuntry" !! They play bass, all kinds of guitar and mandolin, banjo and violin - the result is then "Schwarzbrenner-Core" or "Deep South Cuntry Muzak". Descended from the Mudd Mountain, where the family has lived for generations and diligently start the day with mash, marry their own cousin, and play Dirtgrass, the band is certainly not for people suffering from "Daredeep intolerance"! Clogging, Footstomping, Yodeling and "Muddy Mountain Dew" - brewing at it`s best !!!


Perhaps it was our last chance to oblige the vertical starter from Germany for Saturday night! ;-)
Their new album "WIRE" goes through the ceiling, their neo-soul directly into the soul. Let us speak the press and listen to Milo's incredible voice: "RHONDA" Wire "proves that they are among the most exciting new adult bands, neosoul for the heart!"

Jimmy Cornett & the Deadmen

Don’t jump to the wrong conclusions: Jimmy Cornett & The Deadmen definitely don’t play rockabilly music! Frank Jäger’s highly visible double bass, which he likes to take a bath in the crowd with, playing it on his back, may imply as much, but this band from Hamburg doesn’t go in for clichés. Their career is as colourful as their songs, their lyrics as diverse as life itself. So perhaps we should first of all address the question of what kind of music they actually play. The answer is: blues and southern rock, featuring sounds that originate from different places all over the world.

Whiskey Foundation

The five-headed band is deeply rooted in the blues and finally manages to create their own interpretation of the blues spirits on their second album. All the more surprising is the fact that The Whiskey Foundation does not come from the expected US Southern states, but from a German southern state: from Bavaria. There, more precisely in Munich, The Whiskey Foundation has already gained a triumphant fan base with its debut album "Take The Walk", which is spreading ever more widely.

Björnson Bear

The Bjornson Bearband makes music that combines a lot. Inspired by old worksongs, gospels, blues, latin and country pieces, the Cologne musicians create their own style. They write their own lyrics and also like to revive old, hardly known songs. The deep sound of Björnsons voice makes the music sound authentic and gives it a very special touch. According to the motto "being in the moment" the four live in their music and want to share it with as many ears as possible. They often play in the formation violin, drums, bass, guitar and singing. In doing so, the divise is always to make a lot of little and to allow all space to breathe and sound.

Daniele Gigli

A master on the acoustic and electric guitar combining the different techniques of traditional and modern fingerstyle. Blues, funk, rock, R&B, black music and modern genres with a strong improvisational component.


Flashback - to the glory days of rock - plays music for every generation and for everyone who loves the good old rock from AC DC to ZZ Top.

Burning Aces

Through the classic Neo-Rockabilly of the Burning Aces and a few appearances at events of the K.O.M.A-Verein, we were, as probably the only band worldwide, in the rail of the Komabilly.
The peculiarities of our music are both biting rockabilly rhythms, alla Jonny Cash, some of them with dialect texts. Thus, we address not only a young but also a youthful pupil.

Arna Rox & Truckstop

Arna Rox and The Truckstops are an experimental blues project from Melbourne, Australia.

Trainwreck Trio

Often joining TRAINWRECK TRIO on stage are the now infamous KINGS OF TRASH, including characters 'Chad Irwin', 'Keith Turban', 'Captain Cochring of Fire', 'Luke O'Shame', 'The Black Wiggle', 'Shane Dickinsome', 'Seleen McAlister-Kemp', 'Kiara Turban', 'Sushi Trainwreck', 'Crusty Mustard', 'The Russian', 'Rooster', & 'Man in the Crowd with a Fiddle'.
The experience of seeing TRAINWRECK TRIO live is something generations will pass down to their grand children.. A force of nature to be witnessed when the circus comes to a town near you!

Rocco Recycle

The silver one-man band with self-made instruments made of scrap metal. He sings, plays guitar and drums. Everything at the same time. The instruments are self-constructed. Preferred materials: canisters, exhausts, garbage cans and water pipes. Besides scrap, he recycles music: blues, rock, metal, pop. Sometimes even a little classic - everything is re-used, nothing remains as it was. At Rocco everything glitters silver - even his face.

more coming soon …