Welcome to Newchurch

11.–18. Juni 2017

Tridays now the Club of Newchurch

Every year in June, around 15,000 bike fans gather in Neukirchen for the biggest, most laid-back motorbike festival in the Austrian Alps. Seven days of unadulterated motorcycling, led by tour guides through one-of-a-kind countryside, along with four full days of civilised, family-style partying in “Newchurch” – which will also be clo … >> read more

Coordinate your Ride to Newchurch: Who’s traveling here with whom?

Who’s coming from what region? Who’s riding when? Who’s looking for fellow riders? Coordinate your plans, join forces, form groups that match your tempo, look for riders who share your interests.  Or perhaps offer others who have farther to travel a “pit stop” along … >> read more

Packages: Book now while you still have plenty of choices!

Slowly but surely the town is filling up! But no cause to worry: Our pros at Neukirchen Tourist Office will still be able to find accommodations that will be perfect for you! Simply let them now what type of lodgings you would like and what price category you feel comfortable with. And then, before you know it, you will receive offers to pick  … >> read more

Exhibitors: more diverse, more cool than ever!

Even though we are still at the beginning of the booking process: We can already see that the new-old Newchurch concept is turning out to be a big success! After only a few days, we have been able to attract some of the very best, most exciting bike customizers to Newchurch for you: Palatina Dream … >> read more

You will also be part of the Club of Newchurch at the Dealersboulevard?
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