Welcome to Newchurch

16.–23. Juni 2019

„Lonesome Rider“ by Björnson Bear
for Club of Newchurch


We have a great entertainment program for you beginning Thursday: The Bobbies will be here again, our Velosolex freak is back, a fire show, penny-farthing rider, a new Yamaha stunt show, a skateboard ramp and, of course, the MOTODROME! Plus lots more! Simply check out the program! … >> view program details


Once again, we will award prizes for the top five bikes at Club of Newchurch. There are three categories: Custom Bikes (amateur and professional) as well as (new this year) Classics&Originals! This new category includes older rides in every variation along with more modern classics in original condition, … >> read more


It’s the football World Cup (at least for some of us)! And Metzeler will be showing all of the matches live beginning Thursday at the uptown Metzeler World Cup Studio! Naturally, that will include the Germany fixture on Saturday evening. And whenever there’s no live football, you will be able to watch motorcycle films!


This year, the annual Festival Bike is a major coproduction: Under the leadership of our crazy Swiss friends from BeUnique 2.22, it was created in cooperation with 8tech Racing, Classicbike Raisch and Lackmuss. You can look forward to a very special, early Triumph Speed Triple! And buy the “NEWCHURCH TWO” right away if you like it! ;-)


Just sign up once and complete as many guided test rides as you want!

NEW: also 125cc can be driven trial. Take a look at the list and think about it!

Testrides from Thursday 12 noon to Saturday 6 pm.


Titan Motorcycles has constructed a custom bike to benefit children who are battling cancer. And you have a chance to win it: Since there are only 1200 tickets for the drawing, your chances are really, really good! Tickets are available at the tourist office, from Titan in the Custom Area, right there next … >> read more

Programme online!

A bigger program than ever before! You can go ahead and plan your Club of Newchurch days right now! Bear in mind: This year, there will be two Rokker Races (on Friday and Saturday) and they will be earlier in the day! We look forward to seeing you there … >> view program details


On Friday, June 22, at 7:30 PM, the spectacular 2018 SOUL FUEL BIKE from BMW Motorcycles will be launched! Built by Blechmann, presented by “Head of Sales & Marketing for Customizing and Heritage at BMW Motorcycles” Christian Pingitzer as well as Marketing Director for BMW Motorcycles Austria, Christoph Slawik!


New for daytime visitors wanting to get a taste of what we’re all about:
On Friday and Saturday, admission is free until 5 PM (after that, we’ll be checking tickets, of course). From Sunday until Thursday, as is always the case in years that do not include a public holiday, admission is free all day long. This means, from Sunday … >> read more


As always in proven ROKKER quality: the new shirts for the CoN 2018.
The gray is the package shirt,
the black you can buy at the merchandise-shop, the red member shirts remains unchanged.
New: on the women's shirts the CoN-Head is now in the lead! We are listening to you! ;-)
Either order here in the shop or live on the event from the 21st to the 24th of June at the Club of Newchurch!

You will also be part of the Club of Newchurch at the Dealersboulevard?
We are pleased about your inquiry  >>

back again in 2018:

Package Booking

Now there are the best rooms! Those who already know that they want to be part of the Club of Newchurch again in 2018 can now book their desired package. Let me tell you this much: for the package-bookers there is a grey t-shirt this year; -) Geli and Anja are looking forward to your enquiries - no matter if it is a cheap single room, a feudal double room or apartments and whole houses for larger groups.

We love, what we do. This passion we live every year ...